Enjoy Big Savings on Bulk Tote and Grocery Bags!

You’ll save big when you place a bulk order with GoGreenBags! Whether you’re interested in cotton totes, shopping totes, or mesh bags, you’ll enjoy savings of up to 35% off the normal listing price when you place a bulk order.

Why Buy Bulk Totes?

Bulk tote bags can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from keeping things organized around the house to grocery shopping. These totes don’t just look great—they also protect the environment.

Plastic waste has become a major source of pollution around the globe, with much of it stemming from our tendency to use cheap plastic bags that are thrown away after a single use. At GoGreenBags, our products are made from durable materials like all-natural cotton, polyester, and recyclable polypropylene so they can be used time and time again.

An order of our bulk shopping bags can make for a memorable giveaway at a corporate event or school project, or serve as a unique gift for garden parties. These bags are also the perfectly eco-friendly way to deliver other gifts!

Business owners can also align themselves with their customers who want to help the environment by offering bulk grocery bags and loyalty discounts for users of these recyclable products.

Our GoGreenBags Product Lineup

At GoGreenBags, we believe that the best eco-friendly product is the one that actually gets used, not just stored in the cupboard. So we’ve designed environmentally-safe bags that can be reused again and again while looking great! When it comes to preserving the planet and looking great, why not choose both?

Our Bulk Cotton Totes feature attractive design patterns made from all-natural cotton. These versatile totes can be machine washed and dried so they can always be clean, while looking amazing.

Our Heavy Hauler Bulk Shopping Totes are perfect for transporting groceries. Able to carry loads greater than 40 pounds, these water-resistant tote bags are 50% thicker and stronger than the industry standard for reusable bags, and feature a removable base that keeps your groceries from tipping over. Better still, these bags fold flat for easy storage when not in use and can washed easily.

Our Bulk Mesh Bags come in packs of nine bags in three different sizes, with a weight capacity of 11 pounds and a sturdy drawstring top that makes them perfect for holding everything from fresh produce to children’s toys. Our mesh bags are machine washable and dryer-friendly, meaning that your produce bags can always be food-safe!

Get Your Bulk Tote Bags Today!

Whether you’re looking for a unique giveaway or a way to help customers at your store reduce their impact on the environment, our bulk shopping bags are a great option. Choose between cotton totes, shopping totes, or mesh bags for big savings. Find out for yourself just how useful and versatile our wholesale tote bags can be!

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