Find the answer to common FAQs here, and feel free to contact us directly if your question isn't answered here.

Are GoGreenBags machine washable?

  • The Heavy Hauler tote should not be machine washed or dried in order to guarantee the bag's best performance. Hand wash and air dry for best results.
  • Our cotton tote bags can be machine washed and dried. It is recommended to wash them only in a warm cycle to best preserve the design on the bags.
  • Our mesh produce bags can be machine washed and dried as desired.
What are the dimensions of the bags?
  • The Heavy Hauler is 15" x 10" x 13" in Length x Width x Depth
  • The cotton tote is 15" x 13" in Depth x Width
  • The mesh produce bags come in three sizes:
    • 8" x 12" for the small bags, in Width x Depth
    • 12" x 14" for the medium bags, in Width x Depth
    • 12" x 17" for the large bags, in Width x Depth
What materials are the bags made from?
  • The Heavy Hauler is made from 120 GSM non-woven polypropylene
  • The cotton tote is made from 8 oz all-natural cotton
  • The mesh produce bags are made from a double-stitched polyester
Is the Heavy Hauler waterproof?
  • Although the Heavy Hauler is water resistant, it is not water proof. If something spills inside the bag, it most likely will leak out.
What is your shipping policy?
  • We ship anywhere within the continental US within 2-3 business days. Orders over $25 are eligible for free shipping.
Are the Heavy Haulers recyclable?
  • The polypropylene in the Heavy Hauler is a #5 grade plastic, which can be curbside recycled in most places. Check with your local municipality to be certain.